Solve, Prototype & Test in 5 days

According to Jake Knapp who developed this concept at Google, Design Sprints are “The ‘greatest hits’ of business strategy, innovation, behavioural science, and more — packaged into a step-by-step process that any team can use.”

About us

Based in Novi Sad, Serbia

We are a Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing Agency. We can help transform your organization by facilitating your Design Sprints, enhancing your core strengths and by creating digital products and services that provide elevated user experiences, and generate new revenue streams.

We are Multidisciplinary

Our team is made up of strategic, technical, design thinkers. We are all driven by the desire to create meaningful experiences that add value to you and your end users.

You are in good hands

One of our partners facilitates each Design Sprint and leads every client project.

Sprint services

Design Sprints for Product and Service Design

Design sprints can be used to determine the key features of your product with the end result being a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that you can present to your end users for testing and validation.

Design Sprints for UX

Design Sprints can be used to determine the key functionality and user experience approach to navigation and layout that your digital product requires. Sprints can also produce interactive prototypes that will be testable by your target users.

Design Sprints for Marketing

Design sprints can be used for marketing and communication. These sprints can help to develop strategic marketing plans, validate value propositions and branding, plan online and offline content including ad campaigns, to name a few.....

Design Sprints for Strategy

herefore we used the Design Sprint format as a basis to create this strategic future vision with elements from other methodologies and combined it with the hands one Design Sprint approach, to bring the best of both worlds together.