So what is Design Sprint?

Our ‘Design Sprint’ provides a solution to the traditional problems of a website, application or product design process.

Design Sprint allows you to quickly, iteratively and efficiently create new products, solve the great challenges or improve what you already have.
Because it's fast, you can make and test a product prototype with users in less than a week!

What are we doing?

Product and service design

Identify the key features of your product, and the end result is a minimum sustainable product (MVP) that you can present to end users for testing and verification

For your marketing

Design sprint can be applied to marketing and communication. These Sprints can help develop strategic marketing plans, validate and brand, plan online and material content, including ads, campaigns, ...

UX design

The design sprint can be applied to determine key functionality and access the user experience, navigation, and layout of the design elements that your digital product requires.

Improve your work strategy

We use the Design Sprint format as a basis for creating this strategic vision of the future with elements from other methodologies combined.

What does a Design sprint look like?

Design Sprint 2.0 is a four-day leap into the future.

The traditional design and development process can take 3 to 12 months (or even longer) to market a product.

Zaobilaženjem faze dugog razvoja omogućiće vam da pređete pravo na fazu učenja.

Ovo će zaštiti vaše investicije, tako što ćete ranim testiranjem potvrditi svoj ideju/proizvod. Smanite početne troškove pre samog razvoja.

Day 1


  • Define challenges
  • Set goals
  • Find real solutions

Day 2

Explore and come up with

  • Present and vote for the best solutions
  • Define a prototype using a script

Day 3

Design a prototype

  • Make a functional prototype
  • Find the right test users and schedule testing

Day 4

Test with people

  • Test the prototype with 5 real users
  • User feedback from testing to create clear next steps

Design Sprint is used by some of the largest and best companies around the world

What do you get from us

Intenzivna Radionica Vašeg tima

Video snimci sa testtiranja

4 Day Design Sprint

Kompletan izveštaj u PDF-u

Very high quality prototype

Delivery of original design files

Ciljani test sa korisnicima

Submission of the complete project

Šta je nama potrebno od Vas?

Projekt menadžer ili osoba koja donosi odluke

Biznis ideja ili problem na koji se fokusiramo

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